The PID Records in ONSPEC are used for supporting faceplates and the 1-For-3 Control Package. The name PID here implies that it is related to control and faceplates since PID is a popular controller used in industry. (It does not mean that it has PID only).

ONSPEC supports several types of faceplates and the 1-For-3 Control Package has 16 types of control algorithms including PID and the 1-For-3 Artificial Neural Network Controller.

The control blocks can be configured with the ONSPEC Configurator that has the Control Block and Faceplate Menu as well as the Control Algorithm Menu. The Control Block and Faceplate Menu allows you enter all the general information of the control block and its faceplate.

The Control Algorithm Menu is designed specifically for each type of the control algorithm. The configuration information is saved in the PID Records in the file: PIDS.IBM.

The followings points are covered in this chapter:

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