In the past few years, the quality, functionality, and reliability of personal computer s have improved substantially. With the multitasking Windows NT operating system, a PC can be a reliable and feasible device for mission critical applications such as controlling process loops directly.

A PC based direct control system, or PC Control (PCC) system, requires good control software to provide real-time database, human-machine interface (HMI), and control functions.

The ONSPEC 1-For-3 Control Pack is a software product developed for PC based direct control of analog loops. It is suitable to control many types of industrial loops including temperature, pressure, level, flow, and pH, etc.

The 'flag ship' of this package is a patented technology: the 1-For-3 Artificial Neural Network Controller, which can control tough process loops with nonlinear and time-variant behavior under different system uncertainties.

The product includes the following features:


  • Packaged in different sizes to fit user's application and budget

  • Works with ONSPEC Win32 for Windows 95/NT

  • Future version works with other MMI/SCADA packages

User Friendly

  • Graphical User Interface,

  • Ready to go instrument objects such as faceplates, trends, etc.,

  • Easy Configuration,

  • Pre-configured controller database,

  • Easy and quick start up of control loops,

  • process models required,

  • No manual tuning of ANN controller parameters needed, and

  • No controller design required.

Control Algorithms

  • 1-For-3 ANN

  • PID Standard

  • PID Error-Squared,

  • PID Integral-Tracking,

  • Ramping

  • Integrator

  • Lead-Lag

  • Second-Order Filter

  • Dead-Time

  • Linear Function

  • Ratio

  • High Select

  • Low Select

  • Middle Select

  • Limit

  • Loader

Practical Features

  • Controls complex loops with 1-For-3 ANN,
  • Cascade Control,
  • Setpoint Tracking for Easy Bumpless Transfer,
  • Output Tracking for Open-Loop Backup,
  • Bumpless Transfer for all Feedback Controllers
  • Feedforward and Feedback
  • Online Simulation,
  • Automatic Startup and Shut Down,
  • Hardkey Protection,
  • Runs 2 hours without hardkey for demonstration purposes, and
  • I/O Interface to 80 Name Brand Instruments.

The followings points are covered in this chapter:

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