Generally speaking, by using most of the traditional adaptive control, robust control, and intelligent control methods discussed briefly above, the control system has to be designed with high level expertise that average users do no have. Due to the complexity of implementing these methods, commercially practical control of complex systems is very difficult and expensive.

Consequently, a need exists for a generic controller that can be used easily and effectively to control a wide variety of simple and complex systems.

The controller should have good self learning and adaptation capabilities to cope with uncertainties in the system. Moreover, the controller should be based on the closed loop real time input/output data and qualitative knowledge of the system behavior only. Neither off-line identification nor precise knowledge of system dynamics should be required. The controller design procedures should be greatly simplified or even eliminated.

This is a very ambitious goal, a goal that sounds like a dream. However, let us keep the dream alive.

About This Manual

This is the User Manual for the 1-For-3 Control Package. In Chapter 1, we have reviewed the control strategies and conclude that we need a new controller. In Chapter 2, we will introduce the concept of the Model-Free Adaptive Control Theory. The issues related to control methodology and practice are also discussed. Chapter 3 introduces the so called 1-For-3 ANN Controller that has the properties of the new generic controller mentioned above. It is developed under the methodology of Model-Free Adaptive Control Theory. Chapter 4 presents a quick overview for the product. Chapter 5 details the configuration procedures and Chapter 6 provides application guidelines for using the ANN controller and other control algorithms. Chapter 7 revisits the concept and practical concerns about the ANN controller with questions and answers.