A workstation running LSO that is configured as a master will not have the capability of outputting or inputting data to ONSPEC as a console. The master is designed only to take data from one console and to pass it on to another console. This allows for improved system performance.

If you desire to run a workstation as both a console and a master you need to start a second LSO program configured as a console. You would open a second window and start LSO using a console configuration file.

In the HEADER section of the configuration file, the NETWORK field must be set to OFF. This tells LSO that the connection is a local connection. An internal named pipe will be used for communicating to the master. The master will treat this console just as any other console on the network except that the named pipe connection will be an internal one. Don't forget to add an extra remote connection to the master configuration file so the master can create another named pipe connection.

You can use any new name you want for the local console as long as the following conditions hold true:

The Master STATION name must match the local Console COMPUTERNAME. The local Console STATION name must match the Master COMPUTERNAME. The local Console COMPUTERNAME cannot be the same as the master COMPUTERNAME. The Master COMPUTERNAME must match the Computer Name given to the workstation during installation and configuration process for operating system. The local Console COMPUTERNAME can not be the same as any COMPUTERNAME in use on the network.