The actual operation of LSO, once the configuration is finished, is quite simple. No matter how a given workstation is configured, the program LSO is executed with the following command line:


<< configuration filename >> << options >>

Configuration filename is the name of the text file that the program should use as its configuration. The options are as follows:

M - Monitor Mode

Monitor Mode prints out information concerning the progress of the program. This is useful in startup situations, but should not be used all the time, as it slows down communications.

V - View Mode

This is similar to Monitor Mode but provides more in-depth information. View Mode should not be selected with large amounts of data since the system will spend too much time outputting the contents of messages to the screen If neither Monitor Mode nor View Mode is specified in the command line, Detach Mode is selected and LSO will be running as a detached process. To specify startup options or start LSO, see Section 5 INSTALLATION & STARTUP for details.

The following points are covered in this chapter:

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