The LSO system, unlike peer-to-peer ONSPEC Serial OnNet products, makes a distinction between two types of workstations.


The majority of the workstations are called CONSOLES. In operation, console workstations act as view stations, and do the minimum amount of interaction on the network that is required to make their configured outputs, and receive their configured inputs. Each console workstation is connected only to the master workstation.


Each system must have one workstation designated as a MASTER.

A master workstation, in comparison, maintains a connection to every console workstation that is connected to it. A master workstation is responsible for transferring data to and from each of the console workstations in the system. A master workstation is therefore given more networking work to do than any console workstation, and should not be used for other CPU intensive jobs.

Main Executable Program

LSO.EXE is the main executable program in the LSO system This program can run as either a master or a console, depending on the contents of its configuration file. See the sections on CONFIGURATION and OPERATION.

The following points are covered in this chapter:

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