The current version of LSO has been tested to meet the following performance criteria.

  • A single master can process a continuous load of 300 exceptions per second.

  • Peak loads on a master allow up to 1000 exceptions per second to be handled on a short term basis only.

These limitations are based on the total amount of exceptions coming into the master from all sources.

When communicating master-to-master,

  • The continuous load is 100 exceptions per second.

  • The peak load is 300 exceptions per second transferable master-to-master.

The performance limitations include total throughput of the LSO system. In other words, if a peak load of 1000 points per second was incoming to an LSO master, the maximum output is also 1000 points per second. If you had 15 consoles all requesting all of the 1000 points, LSO will not support an output rate of 15,000 points per second. This type of demand would eventually create an overload situation.