The throughput over LSO varies widely depending on

  • the speed of computers,
  • ,
  • the condition of the network,
  • ,
  • the configuration of network that includes network media,
  • ,
  • network adapter and network operating system, and
  • ,
  • the type of protocol used.
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General Specification

For a standard size ONSPEC product (ONSPEC BASIC with 1024 of each type data tables), the entire ONSPEC database could theoretically be updated on a given workstation every second for typical system configuration.

The potential bottleneck for any given machine is the overhead of interacting with the operating system, and the processing time required to get the data into and out of the ONSPEC database.

To the user this means a very good minimum update speed that measures in tenths of a second. The biggest factor in a simple network structure (one with only a single master and set of consoles) is the ONSPEC display refresh speed.

Although LSO may successfully transfer a value from one workstation to another and place it into ONSPEC tables within half a second, it is possible that the change would not register on the ONSPEC display for one second. This is due to the asynchronous nature of the display loop with respect to LSO's actions. Still, a local area update/refresh speed of under two seconds should be achieved even under significant, continuous traffic loads.

In the instance of light traffic over the network, the program is internally controlled to assure optimum performance. If, due to light traffic, there is not enough data in a packet to send, the data will not be delayed. Rather an internal setting forces the packet to transmit even if it is not full.

Conditions of the Network

For a computer network to perform to its design specifications, it is very important that the computer and network hardware are configured properly and running in a good condition.

The performance of an Ethernet network can deteriorate if bad nodes exist in the network. It is recommended that a network performance monitoring software is used on-line all the time. Fix the problems found right away before they cuase serious troubles to the network.