LSO for ONSPEC Client-Server System

ONSPEC Control Software offers a rich variety of products that allow users to configure their computer systems with the following system architecture:

  • Workstation,

  • Host-Terminal or called Host-Slave, and

  • Client-Server.

A large ONSPEC system could include computers ranging from personal computers all the way to mainframes. The above system architectures can be combined and phased in over time together to optimize budget, requirements, management philosophy, and existing facility.

ONSPEC for Win 32 products fully support a Client-Server environment. ONSPEC LSO products are key elements in an ONSPEC Client-Server system.

LSO Client-Server Master

An ONSPEC Client-Server Master is a special LSO Master program that manages and controls the LSO Console nodes running on the network. The LSO Client-Server Master is required for each ONSPEC Server computer.

ONSPEC Client-Server Master product includes the following types based the operating systems:

  • OpenVMS VAX

  • OpenVMS Alpha

  • IBM OS/2

  • MS Windows NT on PC

  • MS Windows NT on Alpha

  • MS Windows NT on IBM PowerPC and other MIPS CPUs.

LSO Client-Server Console

The LSO Client-Server Console is a software module that is included in the ONSPEC 's Client product. It is the network product that can retrieve real-time data from an ONSPEC Server on-line. The connections between all LSO nodes are based on network sockets for data integrity, data security, and real-time.

LSO Client-Server Console product includes the following types based on the operating system:

  • MS Windows 95 on PC

  • IBM OS/2 Warp

This document is used as a user manual for

  • regular LSO,

  • Client-Server Master, and

  • Client-Server Console.

The users should refer to some specific sections for the information applicable to certain products. Please see the illustration of LSO components in a typical ONSPEC Client-Server system in the following chart.