If you have a working ONSPEC Win32 system, go directly to Step 3 .

Step 1.
Configure your computer hardware and make sure it functions properly.

Step 2.
Follow the installation procedure supplied with Windows 95 or Windows NT to install the operating system properly.

Step 3.
If you don't have DEC terminal server to be used for the driver, skip to Step 4.
a) Follow the installation procedure supplied with SuperLAT to install and setup SuperLAT properly.
b) Set LAT services and ports on the terminal server according to the manual or on-line help. The service name must be LAT followed by a number like LAT2, LAT3 and the port characteristics must match the settings on the front-end device.

Step 4.
Follow the installation procedure supplied with ONSPEC to install ONSPEC properly.

Step 5. Make a backup copy of the Technology Pack disk. Store the original disk in a safe place.

Step 6. Create a working directory on the computer and copy all the files over there from the Technology Pack disk. It is highly recommended that this working directory is located under ONSPEC directory.

Step 7. Set up all other components in your system such as the configuration of your front-end device, the cabling between the device and the computer, and the setup of the communication port.