The Tech Pack is distributed as one 3.5" floppy disk and contains the following files.

TECH.EXE is an executable sample template. It is a program to send commands to the device through communications port and report the results to ONSPEC. The template also reports the present communication status between ONSPEC and the device.

DEVICE.C is the main module which you need to work on to code all protocol-specific routines for your device.

USERCONV.C is the source code which includes the user conversion routines and you may change to match the device protocol.

DEVICE.H, DRIVER.H, USERCONV.H, DEFINIT.H and IO_TYP.H are head files that provide data structures, constants, macros and the prototypes of all functions to be used in the driver.

DEVICE.OBJ, USERCONV.OBJ and DRIVER.OBJ are relocatable modules of code used when re-linking the driver. These files must be present to re-build the driver.

GMM32.LIB is an import library for ONSPEC database access.

TECH.MDP is a project file for Tech Pack.

TECH.MAK is a make file for Tech Pack.

TECH.RES is a resource file.

CONFIG.TXT is a sample configuration file showing how to assign the parameters and set up polling commands.