user preferences

The User Preferences option allows the user to configure several ONView characteristics. These configuration changes are saved in the ONVIEW.INI file and are used by all ONView sessions.


The background color of the main window.


The background color of the graph area.

Grid/Tick Mark

The tick mark color for the Y scaling and the color of the grid.


The color for the date and time label in the upper left corner of the graph, the Time Axis = label in the upper right corner, and the X axis time label at the bottom of the graph.


The color for the bottom and right outline of the graph as well as the left side current value window.


The color for the top and left outline of the graph as well as the window framing outlines.

Error Value

The color for any erroneous or invalid data being trended.


The color that determines the rubber box and the cursor used in Cursor Mode. The color is not the actual color, but only affects the final color. You may wish to experiment with different selections to achieve a desired appearance.

Double click in the colored square to the left of the descriptions to bring up a color palette. Use the mouse to click on the desired color and select OK.

You can create a new color using the Define Custom Colors option as discussed earlier.

Parameter Mode Info

The Tag Information # Characters Displayed fields in the User Preferences dialog box are used to customize the information shown in Parameter Mode. The information is shown in the order Name, Description, Units, Value, High Limit, and Low Limit.

The order of these parameters cannot be changed. However, a 0 entered for the character size prevents the information from being shown. Use the up and down arrows or click directly in the field to enter the desired number of characters.


Tag Name


Tag Description


Tag Units


The current real time value or, if in Cursor Mode, the value at the cursor.

High Limit

The currently defined high limit Y scale value

Low Limit

The currently defined low limit Y scale value.

Font Preference

Click on the Font button to change the currently selected ONView font.

Note: If using the Small Size option from the Commands pull-down menu, be sure to select a scaleable font.

Security Preference

Click on the Security button to configure a security level for each ONView pull-down menu command. The Command Security Level dialog box appears.

Change Security

The Commands list box contains all the ONView menu selections and commands. Select an item in the list pane and click on the Change Security button, or double click on the desired menu item.

Set the desired security level by clicking on the up and down arrows and click on OK to save and exit.

Remove Item from Menu Barbr/>
Select (Click) on this option, and the selected command is hidden and does not appear in its pull-down menu.

Note: The Hotkey for that command is still in affect.

Select OK to exit the Set Security dialog box.

User Preferences Buttons:


Saves all the settings changed.


Returns to ONView without saving any changes.


Starts the HTML Help program at the User Preferences topic.