Workstation Only

The Client-Server

The minimum system includes an ONSPEC Server and ONSPEC Client. The Server may have one or more I/O templates running to gather data. The LSO Client-Server Master running in the Server will feed data to all the ONSPEC Clients through the network.

Workstation and Client-Server

The system includes the Workstation, the ONSPEC Server, and the ONSPEC Client computers on the same network. The configuration could have several alternatives as follows:

Single Master Configuration

The LSO Client-Server Master is the only master node on the network. All the Workstation nodes are console nodes. The Client-Server Master manages and controls all the console nodes on the network including the Workstations and Clients.

Multiple Master Configuration

In addition to the LSO Client-Server Master, one or more regular LSO Master nodes can be configured under Microsoft Windows or IBM OS/2. Then, the Workstation Masters will feed data to the Client-Server Master.

Workstation to Server Serial Connection

There is no computer network between the Workstation and the Server in this case. ONSPEC ONNet Serial Link is needed to connect these computers through serial ports, MODEM, and phone lines.

Workstation Master to Server Serial Connection

All the Workstation computers are connected with LSO. The Workstation Master computer is connected with the Client-Server Master through the ONNet Serial Link product.