ONSPEC Workstation

An ONSPEC Workstation refers to a computer that has a regular ONSPEC and at least one ONSPEC I/O Template.

An ONSPEC Workstation is usually installed near the instruments to gather real-time data and perform all major SCADA functions including man-machine interface, calculation, reporting, local optimization, etc.


An ONSPEC Server or ONSPEC Data-Server is a computer that has a regular ONSPEC and an LSO Client-Server Master. The LSO Client-Server Master manages and controls all the Client nodes on the network. An ONSPEC Server may or may not run an ONSPEC I/O template.

For an ONSPEC Client-Server system, at least one ONSPEC Server and one LSO Client-Server Master are required. Multi-Server systems are supported by ONSPEC.

An ONSPEC Server can be installed near the field instruments or the information center. Real-time data can be gathered from the ONSPEC Workstations through ONSPEC network products or from the field instruments that the Server is connected to directly.

An ONSPEC Server is the main node of a Client-Server computer network. Its real-time database and historical database can be configured to save all the data required on the network.

An ONSPEC Workstation may run on Microsoft Windows or IBM OS/2.


An ONSPEC Client is a limited version of ONSPEC with a selected number of features designed to be used by management.
The ONSPEC Client includes:

  • ONSPEC displays, tags, alarms, trends, faceplates, symbols instruments, and graphical animation are all supported
  • Default data table size: 4000
  • Change of data from ONSPEC display is allowed but can be disabled
  • Two way network communication is allowed
  • One way communication is user configurable
  • Historical files can be saved on the Client computer
  • Supertrends
  • ONSPEC Command Language support
  • DDE Export Link

Limitations are:

  • No ONBuild to build ONSPEC displays
  • No ONConfig to configure ONSPEC
  • No data can be collected through an ONSPEC I/O template
  • No data can be collected through a World Interface program
  • No Link to gather data from other programs through DDE

An ONSPEC Client is suitable for use in management offices. Its features may not be sufficient for the people who may have more interaction with the process and field. For instance, the quality control engineers and schedule managers may need full ONSPEC features in order to do their jobs properly.

An ONSPEC Client runs on Microsoft Windows or IBM OS/2 operating systems.

LSO Client-Server Master

An ONSPEC Client-Server Master is a special LSO Master program that manages and controls the LSO Console nodes running on the network. The LSO Client-Server Master is required for each ONSPEC Server computer.

LSO Client-Server Console

The LSO Client-Server Console is a software module that is included in the ONSPEC Client product. It is the network product that can retrieve real-time data from an ONSPEC server on-line. The connections between all LSO nodes are based on network sockets for data integrity, data security, and real-time.