The main package of ONSPEC includes the following products:


ONSPEC real-time database GMM32, displays, tags, alarms, trends, faceplates, etc.


A graphics builder for ONSPEC displays that can show data, text, and graphical representations of processes.


A configuration tool for generating and managing the ONSPEC real-time database, displays, tags, alarms, trends, and faceplates.


A real-time or historical data archiving package that includes user friendly trending and data analysis capabilities.

ONSPEC Command Language (OCL)

A scripting language that is easy to program and can be used extensively for time, batch, and event based arithmetic and logic calculations, automatic startup and shut down, interfacing to user defined functions.

Extract Editor

Extract Editor obtains data from historical data files created by ONSPEC. Features include: presentation of up to 9 variables in tabular form; extraction of data for other programs, e.g., Microsoft Excel; mathematic calculations of variables; configurable Time/Date ranges; and OCL compatible commands.

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Link

Provides Dynamic Data Exchange capability to all other software packages that support DDE. It can be used to generate reports, input off-line data, output ONSPEC data to other user application software, etc.

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