Other ONSPEC application packages include:

ONSPEC Workplace

ONSPEC Workplace is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution builder with application modules for quality, order & recipe, and instruction & procedure management. In addition, tools are available for customizing and developing new application objects for productivity optimization.

ONSPEC I/O Templates

ONSPEC I/O Templates are the input/output interface programs that make data communication connections between ONSPEC and the field equipment. The I/O Template collects real-time data from and sends real-time data to the field instruments such as DCS and PLCs.

Large System ONNet (LSO)

ONSPEC LSO connects ONSPEC real-time databases on different computers through the network. Information from one computer can be shared by all other ONSPEC computers on the network in real-time.

Control Pack

ONSPEC Control Pack is a direct digital control (DDC) package that includes 16 control algorithms including standard PID and the patented 1 For 3 Artificial Neural Network controller. The 1 For 3 ANN controller combines the merits of PID with advanced control so complex processes can be controlled easily.

LSO Gateway

LSO Gateway connects ONSPEC real-time databases residing on different operating system platforms including Microsoft Windows, IBM OS/2 and Linux.

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