LSO may be started in either view mode or monitor mode. View mode gives the most detail. Messages describing what data is being sent and or received, as well as progress status messages are displayed. In monitor mode you can monitor the status of the connection without displaying all the details. These modes are useful when setting up a system or making changes. Valid options are listed in Chapter 7, OPERATION.

To specify any option, the startup properties of LSO must be changed as follows

NT Click LSO (master or console) icon from ONSPEC for Win32 (default group for all ONSPEC applications) program group, go to Program Manager and click Properties of File menu, change the command line arguments if necessary.
95 Double click My Computer from Desktop, double click the driver (for example [C:]) where Windows 95 is located, double click Start Menu folder, double click Programs folder, double click ONSPEC for Win32 (default folder for all ONSPEC applications) folder, click once on LSO (master or console) icon to select and click right mouse button to bring up a pop-up menu, click Properties from the menu, click Shortcut tab, change Target field if necessary.