In a real-time computing environment, a real-time database is the core of the entire system. It is a dynamic data structure residing in the computer that supports the major data types such as real, integer, digital, string, etc. In industrial process control and management applications, a real-time database such as ONSPEC incorporates the following features:

  • Data Integrity

  • Connectivity

  • Inter-operability

  • Redundancy

ONSPEC Large System ONNet (LSO) supports the data connectivity, interoperability, and redundancy functions in ONSPEC. It is designed to transfer live data between ONSPEC Real-time Databases running in different computers on the network. Up to 255 ONSPEC systems on a same network can be connected with LSO.

In a modern management, control, and optimizaiton all-in-one system, a reliable real-time computer network is one of the key components. The requirements for the network hardware and software are usually much higher than a pure MIS type non-realtime system.

ONSPEC LSO and LSO Gateway products are designed to provide swift, accurate and reliable data communications under conditions of heavy and continuous traffic. They can connect ONSPEC real-time databases running under IBM OS/2, MS Windows 95, Windows NT, and DEC OpenVMS together.

ONSPEC network products including the Large System ONNet (LSO), LSO Gateway, and ONNet Serial provide a solid networked real-time environment for process control, optimization, and management systems.

The position of LSO in an ONSPEC system is illustrated in the ONSPEC System Architecture on the next page.