In the configuration file there are several parameters that you may need to assign to configure the template. Each of these parameters must be placed on a separate line. The following parameters are used frequently and provided by the Technology Pack. You may add some others for your specific driver.

  • Driver scan delay

  • End of configuration file

Driver Scan Delay

The DELAY factor allows you to speed up or slow down the template. Speeding it up is done by lowering the delay factor. Speeding up the template will allow more commands to be processed. If however, the driver is taking too much processor time from the other programs running on your computer, making them run slowly, then you may raise the delay factor to slow the driver down. Be careful not to speed up the driver to a point where the overload flag is coming on. To change the delay factor, enter the delay command on a line by itself in the command file. Example : DELAY = 30. The value specified is in ticks (1/60th second). The default is 60 ticks.

End Of Configuration File

The last of the parameters is the END. statement. The file must end with a line containing the four characters "END.". Everything else after that line will be ignored by the program.