Unless there is an error to report, The driver will begin running by using the commands stated in Section 4.1. The driver may print some messages on the screen if the MONITOR MODE is specified. The following comments explain the possible error messages:

    Error: Onspec is not running.

This message results if you have not run ONSPEC at least once.

     Error: cant open queues to onspec.

This message results if you have not run ONSPEC at least once.

     xxxx is in use type a "Y" to

     abort process using this port

     then re-run your process (Y/N) ?

If more than one driver is trying to use the same port you will receive this message. You just need to answer "Y" and re-run the driver.


     Error in this field -> yyyy

     Continue (y/n) ?

This indicates that the field yyyy of the line xxxx from the command file is incorrect in some fashion. Press "Y" to ignore this line and continue through the file or "N" to terminate the driver. If you can't find anything wrong with a line which the driver flagged as an error, then there is probably an unprintable character in the line causing the problem. Try deleting the line and typing it again.

When the driver is running in monitor mode, you can control whether the commands and responses are displayed on the screen. Following are four single-character commands that can be applied.

Command Result

Q Quit the driver
D Detach the driver
P Pause monitor mode
R Resume monitor mode