Mr. Mohammed Ahmed

The company was initiated by a Team of foreign trained Engineers who have extensive experience in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from ONSPEC Automation Solutions and have written many papers about Computer Image processing in Industrial applications.

Mr. Mohammed Ahmed, a computer Systems Engineer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, heads the team. He has worked with IBM Crop. on OS/2 and ONSPEC Automation Solutions, on ONSPEC32 for OS/2. He written a vast number of papers on image processing in industrial applications. He has designed and implemented serial communication drivers.

The software development team is headed by Dr. Mohsin Ahmed, who completed his B Tech from IIT, Bombay in computer science, Masters in computers science from USA, a Ph.D. from IIT Bombay in Dense time logic – Computer Science. Dr Mohsin Ahmed was at the State University of New York at Albany, then Microsoft for the development of windows network socket drivers for Windows. He was also working for Google in California Mountain View, USA.

The automation division of ONSPEC is headed by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, who has extensive experience in the process control industry. He is the director of SMT(Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology) at Santa Fe College in the US. He has extensive experience in India and abroad in the industry.

Other technical experts include Mr. Rahul Rajendaran, who has extensive international experience in the web application development industry and has successfully implemented large (internet and intranet) web projects at more than 5 international locations globally including the US, UK, UAE, Malaysia and Singapore on behalf of HMI.

HMI Tech is also supported by technical experts from ONSPEC Automation Solutions, California, USA and Catalyst Shared Services Hub(MSC) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.